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Rabbit Full Month Cupcakes For Kayla

This is the last order of this year (2011). I will give birth on 23rd November, so I have to stop making cakes temporarily.

This order is quite unique. Unlike other full moon cupcakes I ever made, the customer wants rabbit theme, as this is the year of Rabbit (Chinese Zodiak). In relation to the rabbit, she wants carrot & bow. She wants yellow as the base colour.

Another special request is she is a vegetarian. She wants eggless cupcakes. She also asks me to make vegan cupcakes, since one of her friends is a vegan.

It was quite a short notice for me. She called me 1.5 weeks before & I had to search for eggless & vegan cupcakes recipe beforehand! Somehow I found the recipes from google. The cupcakes taste good!

The eggless cuppies are plain chocolate & chocolate orange flavours. Whereas the vegan ones are just plain chocolate. Both are topped with Chocolate frosting icing.

I love how the rabbit turns out! This is like Easter