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Debbie Brown’s Masterclass On Crying Babies

Debbie Brown, a famous cake decorator & author from UK, came to Perth. I joined her class on “Crying Babies”. She just had her new book released that contained this cake.

Anyway, it was a-day course, from 9 am to 4 pm. We started a little bit late & ended up at 5 pm plus.

It was a good class. She was also a very humble & down-to-earth cake decorator.

I learnt mostly on how to make fingers,toes, facial expressions.

Isn’t he cute?

You notice that the baby on the top & the 3 babies’ face are not smooth enough. This was due to last minute work. I couldn’t finish them as my hubby already waited for me in the parking space with 2 kids (one of them being a 10-week-old bub). I ended up rushing

And this is me & Debbie Brown!

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