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Guitar Cake for Andre

This is a very challenging cake project! A guitar cake!

I spent hours before making this cake, googling hundreds of pictures, to make sure that I get the details exactly like a real guitar. I have no guitar myself, so googling it is my homework.

I am quite perfectionist person. I want the guitar cake to look exactly like the real one, especially the neck & headstock parts that require so much details & techniques.

This cake feeds 30 & it’s a Mocha Sponge Cake filled with Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream & coated with Mocha Ganache.

The body is about 40 x 30 cm. I haven’t even had time to measure the whole length

So this is the body. The side is painted with Copper colour.

The guitar heel.

Now..the most time consuming part is the neck & headstock. I want this part to elevate from the surface. I have to make sure the headstock is just at the right angle against the height of the body.

I’m so pleased with how the neck & headstock turn out finally. The angle just fits the height of the body rightly.

The challenging part is connecting the strings from the bridge pin to the tuners. I use teeth floss & it works perfectly.

The picture is a bit over exposed the flash kept on coming out due to the poor lighting.

Overall, after around 15 hours of working, I’m very pleased with the result.

Happy birthday Andre! I hope you enjoy it.

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