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Giant Cupcake Cake for Angela

giant cupcake

My daughter, Angela, is turning 2. I have this party at the backyard of my house.

Together with my good friend, Stevany (who owns a sweet table business, called Candy Box Sweets), we organised the sweets & table arrangement.

perth cake

The whole theme is Pink & Aqua colour setting.

I wanted to make a more extravaganza cake. Due to the time constraint (I have to prepare many things myself besides the cakes & stuffs) & also she’s only turning 2, I decided to make just one big giant cupcake cake.

giant cupcake

The rosettes piping is from buttercream.

The whole giant cupcake cake is Strawberry & Banana Cake filled with Bublegum Swiss Meringue Buttercream & coated with White Chocolate Ganache.

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