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Peppa Pig Cake for Sophia

peppa pig cake

Peppa Pig is still as popular as Hello Kitty That’s what I found after making this cake theme for the 5th time.

peppa pig cake

Sophia’s mom found me through her friend. She’s having a birthday celebration at her daycare.

perth cakes

The bottom tier is Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream & coated with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

The top tier is dummy cake.

The customer was very pleased when she picked up the cake. At the end of the day I received this lovely comment:

“Hi Tasia, thank you for the cake. The taste is very wonderful! All the people in the daycare gave praise. The kids just wanted to cut the cake quickly & ate more & more. Even the picky eaters ate more. Thank you.”

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