Customised Engagement Macarons for Angela & Ponti

Besides cupcakes, this couple wants customised macarons for their engagement. Well..they made the wise choice, didn’t they?

It took me hours & days to make them. Quite challenging to make doraemon & pink melody, honestly, I did fail.

These are the flavours:

Doraemon: Green Tea

Pink Melody: Raspberry

Piglet: Champagne

Dog: Pandan

Now that’s a long gallery I think they are worth it to make. At the end of the day, I got this nice feedback from Angela:

“Hello Tas,

Thank you so much for making us all the lovely macarons and cupcakes. All my families and friends love it so so much. They are so amazed from your work especially the macarons are a huge hits!!They are gone in a blink. I just managed to had one macaron…

A lot of them have actually asked for your details so i had gave it to them

Cant wait to hear back from you for our wedding cake.

Thank you Tas



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