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Peppa Pig Cake for Ellie

peppa pig cake

For Ellie’s 3rd birthday, the mother wanted something more special, as she wanted to launch her party planner business at the same time.

She got to know me from her sister, that ordered a cake a few years ago.

perth cakes

This cake is a combination of many things. The party theme is tea party that collaborates with tutu. The main colour is pastel pink & aqua blue.

peppa pig cake

The 2 top tiers are from dummies. Since Ellie’s mom loves macarons, she also wanted to collaborate them on the cake.

The real cake is on the bottom. It’s Vanilla Strawberry Swirl Cake with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream coated with Marbled White Choc & Strawberry Ganache.

As for the macarons…

Green: green tea

Pink: Strawberry

fondant peppa pig

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