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Princess Ruffles Cake for Kasey

belle cake

Kasey loves Princess & yellow! Her mom wanted Belle to be the main topper on the cake. She gave me a set of princess toppers, somehow I only used Belle as the only one

princess cake

ruffle cake

I had an empty idea before decorating this cake. I googled out for some princess cakes but found none attractive to my eyes :p Somehow, someone’s wedding cake caught my attention. The ruffles!!

I thought they were very fitting for a princess themed cake. So, there you go, a princess ruffles cake!

perth cakes

Now, the left ruffles are more tricky than the right ones. I’m a right-handed person, much easy to pleat vertical ruffles with my right hand than the left one. I had to redo a few times to get the uniform effect.

So happy with the final result. Kasey’s mom was so pleased too. Praise God:)

The cake is White Chocolate Mud & Chocolate Mud with Dark Chocolate Ganache. The top tier is a dummy cake.

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