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Lego Cake for Wesley

lego cake

My friend gave me a call 2.5 weeks before this cake was due. It was quite a last minute order, but I said yes to her. She was helping her friend.

Wesley is a Lego fan. This cake is due at the same weekend my son is having his birthday (and my son loves Lego too!! But I don’t make any big Lego cake for him )

lego fondant

perth cakes

My son’s first reaction in the morning when he saw this cake was: “!” I felt so bad because he had no big Lego cake..Well..maybe next year. I still make Lego cupcakes, macarons & cake pops for his classmates,though.

This cake is Chocolate Cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream & coated with dark chocolate ganache.

lego cake

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