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Chevron Cake with a Giraffe Topper for Dominic

chevron cake

Dominic’s mom is planning to set a dessert table herself. She wanted me to collaborate a giraffe & chevron pattern into the cake design, as per her pictures.

I always want to make chevron cake. This pattern is so in nowadays.

chevron cake

The technique I used to get a uniform chevron effect is from this lady, Jessica Harris. (Check out her blog: It’s called wax paper transfer method. She has her Craftsy class too.

giraffe cake

I love how the uniform chevron is achieved. It took me a while to manually do it, but the result is worth it.

fondant giraffe

The cake is Banana Cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and coated with Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Now, the giraffe is exactly the copy of what Dominic’s mom emailed me. The body & the head are from LCM. It looks simple, yet still took me a while to do it.

And here is the photo collage from the lovely customer

The customer was very happy with the cake. She wrote this:

“Hi Tasia, Just wanted to share some photos with you. Your cake was a hit, everyone commented on how great it looked and tasted. Very happy with it, and as you can see, it matched the decor perfectly! Thanks again and hope to order from you again in the future. Regards Pam”

Your welcome Pam

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