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Angela & Ponti’s Wedding Cake

wedding cake perth

Angela and Ponti are loyal customers. From the time they got engaged until married, they have asked me to make various unique sweets. I like their style definitely

I was asked to imitate a cake they found from

When I first saw the design, I was like “oh, wow…” (speechless). Especially the sugar flowers, they looked like countless

perth cakes

This cake is the biggest cake ever that I have made. So many challenges, lessons learnt, exciting new things, stresses, etc, that I went through the process.

perth wedding cake

The parts that excite me are probably the edible cake lace and the lustre technique. I love love love edible lace. They are so versatile, so pretty, elegant & easy to use. In regards to the lustre technique, I love the satin look.

sugar flowers

sugar flowers

Angela asked for white & pink lilies & roses. She also had a floral hand bouquet that matched this one.

In total there are 126 roses & 20 lilies. One lily broke at the end :p I didn’t assemble on the cake.

They also got a fruit cake for a keepsake.

I’m really thankful that they trust me with this big cake.

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