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Ramen Cake for Ponti & Jonathan

Ramen cake

noodle cake

My loyal customer asked me this time to make this super cute cake as a surprised birthday cake. She always asks me to make challenging creations and I do like her idea.

perth cakes

They both love to eat Japanese ramen. Since they all are into Japanese stuffs, all the characters and flavour are also in accordance to it. The cake is Green Tea cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and coated with White Chocolate Ganache.

My customer, Angela, designed the whole concept & I just translated it into the final result

fondant shinchan

I had a fun time decorating the cake. My pasta machine is definitely the winner in this case to make those noodles

The characters are cute too but they took ages lol.

noodle cake

As you can see, there are Doraemon, My Melody, Tamama, Keroro, Shin Chan & Pandapple. They are their favourites.

sugar tamama

sugar keroro

sugar pandapple

So many details on this cake. I just have to take as many pictures as I can!

sugar doraemon

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