Oriental Wedding Cake for Erica & Jie

Erica contacted me and emailed me a similar wedding cake. Jie is a Chinese, so they want some Chinese decoration on the cake.

This is a heavy cake, feeding 200 guests dessert slices.

The top tier is a dummy cake, the cake itself is Red Velvet filled and coated with White Chocolate Ganache.

There was a drama behind the scene. This cake falls on Easter Sunday. Just 3 days before, my oven blew out !! It was such a stressful day for me, because I had to bake 2 tiers cake on that day. Thank God my hubby found someone to check the oven & turned out that the bottom element was dead. With the long weekend, Good Friday until Monday, there is no way the guy could come and fix the oven. I ended up baking at a good friend’s house for 2 days. Really appreciate the kind couple for letting me doing that.

The toppers are made to match the couple and their outfits.

They also want Singapore orchids on the cake & some Chinese characters:

Shou (longevity)

Fu (blessing)

Xi (double happiness).

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