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Minnie Mouse Cake for Janice

minnie mouse cake

We have made a few of Minnie/Mickey Mouse Cakes. This is probably the largest Minnie Mouse we ever make.

minnie mouse cake

Our client is a returning customer. We made a 1st birthday cake for her son a couple years ago. This time, her daughter is turning 1.

perth cakes

The top tier is a dummy cake. The client wants to have it as a keepsake. We did the same to Janice’s brother’s 1st birthday cake before.

Inside the bottom tier is Vanilla & Strawberry Cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, coated with Strawberry Ganache.

Some pictures of the close-up Minnie Mouse.

fondant minnie mouse

Minnie’s head is from foam. Her body & shoes are from rice krispies.

We have to admit that this is the best Minnie Mouse figurine we ever make. It is a super tedious topper, but it’s so worth it to make.

perth cake toppers

The original design belongs to 2 different sources. The client wants it that way.

fondant minnie mouse

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