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Special Cake Project

perth custom cake

What is that cake? If you wonder.

This time, I make a special cake for Curtin University. John de Laeter Centre is celebrating 25 years of this "machine" called Shrimp. It stands for Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe.

This is how it looks from above:

shrimp machine

The machine is used for geological purpose, like finding out the age of rocks. I don't know much about it. It is a huge machine. I went for a visit to see the details.

In the world, there are only 20 machines like this. One of them happens to be in Curtin Uni, Perth.

Obviously, I have to simplify the parts that have so many cables attached. Too detailed & fragile to make those details.

perth cakes

Flavours for this cake are Vanilla & Dark Choc Mud. This is one of the challenging cakes I've ever made. So memorable.

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