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We believe that great cakes are made from excellent ingredients which are essential for superior taste and flavor.

All our products are customised and made from scratch. We use high quality premium ingredients and only use organic berries. Other products used but not limited to are:

  • organic flours

  • free range eggs

  • Belgium and Italian chocolate


Since our products are fully customised, we cannot price each picture in the gallery. It is advisable to contact us and discuss your requirements, either by phone, email or use the contact us tab.


Cupcakes Size

We only do standard sized cupcakes with 7cm diameter. 

Minimum order is 12 pcs.

Macarons Size

Our macarons are about 4.5-5 cms (round). Customised designs have different sizes depending on the image.

Minimum order is 24 pcs. If your order is custom-shaped macarons, we give you the option to get 12 custom shaped macarons & 12 round ones.


Cookies Size

Cookies are generally around 7-8 cms (round and squares). Different shapes will have different sizes. Each cookie is wrapped with clear plastic bag.

Minimum order is 12 pcs.


Below are some guides to the pricing:

  • 6" buttercream cake from $135

  • 8" buttercream cake from $160

  • 6" & 8" buttercream cake from $280

  • 6" ,8", 10" buttercream cake from $480

  • Buttercream cupcakes from $4.50 per piece

  • Cupcake deluxe from $75 per dozen

  • Macarons from $2.50 per piece

  • Cookies from $3.50 per piece


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